Sunday, October 25

Eskom set upon R213 billion grid technology revamp

Eskom has planned a new operation into its range of activities – a gird overall – and this would not come as easy as it sounds. Sure to take up a lot of money and also, consume time, Eskom wishes to adhere strictly to the rules that govern South Africa’s network redundancy level requirements by this new progress.

The gird overall, which has been budgeted to last a 9 year period, would see Eskom earmark and spend funds in excess of R213 billion. It is expected that this is a needed investment in themselves which would see Eskom emerge stronger and more developed in its transmission network.

“This is part of our commitment to capital expenditure and why Eskom currently has one of the largest capital investment projects in the country. This investment is R6bn of the R55bn earmarked for the current financial year, “Eskom’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Molefe has said of the recent development via All Africa.

Eskom set upon R213 billion grid technology revamp Technology: General
A diagram explains the flow of data via grid technology. Credits:

In order to comply with the minimum redundancy thresholds that have been set by law in South Africa, Molefe explained that this was enough reason for Eskom to defer some of its transmission investments.

“We have made some adjustments the Transmission Development Plan, including re-phasing of the capital investment in transmission projects, to align with the current available funding,” the CEO added.

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