Thursday, January 21

Etisalat Nigeria unveils Innovative Prize finalists

Etisalat has shown time and over that they are not just interested in getting our money but also, giving back to the society that has helped them climb thus far. One of its initiatives to propel this image is the Etisalat Prize for Innovation Awards which had the finalists recently announced in Lagos. The innovation award opened for entries in July of this year and has run the course of 5 months now before the finalists’ announcement.

Making the announcement was the Chief Executive Officer and one of the members of the board of people who made the innovators’ prize a reality in person of Matthew Willsher. Mr Willsher, making the announcement sometimes on Wednesday, didn’t fail to make mention of the commitment of the Etisalat brand to discovering new and promising talents and as well, helping to nurture them while they work towards greatness and fulfilling their true potentials.

“The 2015 finalists of the Etisalat Prize for Innovation are truly remarkable and reflect the rigor with which they were chosen by the judges. We are honored to recognize these remarkable innovations and the individuals behind them and we look forward to celebrating the winners at the award ceremony taking place on the 6th of November 2015,” Willsher has said.

The finalists of the project are Study Math Lab which is responsible for providing materials that would aid the learning of maths in the secondary school and Digital Back Books which would go on to be the first ebook subscription platform in Nigeria. This duo are the finalists for the Innovative Product Category.

For the Innovative Idea Category saw finalists such as Traffigator Tech which aims at helping users navigate within cities (using public transportation systems), using a mobile website platform and application to that effect and finally but not least, Dedicated Mapping Tracking Device works similar to Google Maps in accessing real time traffic data and helping users navigate the cities.

From the first category, the winner stands the chance of winning NGN5 million while for the second, the winner takes home NGN2 million.

Source : TechCabal

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