Thursday, April 15

Facebook clocks a massive 1 billion daily users

The official figures for the amount of living persons on earth now stands at a little over 7 billion, and going by Facebook’s recent reports over their success in the last quarter, it can be estimated that Facebook gets visited by about one-seventh of the world’s total population, and that is a daily record.

Releasing financial reports for the third quarter of the year which was closed for business on the 30th of September, Facebook has posted that 1,01 billion active users visited the platform daily.

“We had a good quarter and got a lot done,” Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder and CEO of the global and giant social network has said of the report. Going by these figures, this means that the Facebook platform saw a stunning 17% increase in the figures of active users which it had previously reported in its year-on-year reports.

As at September of 2015, the number of active daily users on the platform climbed some 27% to become 894 million. The growth spurt can also be measured relative to the amount of users on the platform as at 30th of September, recording an awesome 1.55 billion which marks another 14% increase considering year-over-year.

Facebook seems to be breaking every barriers and laying waste to the claims of analysts that have called the curtains on Facebook a long time ago.

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