Thursday, January 21

Facebook developing feature to fix Candy Crush invites bug

Its a nice thing when we go over to the internet to connect, but it is sure as hell frustrating when our experience to connect is marred by some bugs, in a manner of speaking. Facebook has been around for a while now and needs no introduction whatsoever in our ears but the constant invites to play games, especially the newly developed and highly addictive Candy Crush game, can be unnerving.

Hardly would a day go by that users wouldn’t receive an invite to come play Candy Crush. The most disturbing part of this has to be that even users who had never used the application get invited to come play the game.

Its like Facebook has then received complaints that are one too many as the founder of the social networking platform, Mark Zuckerberg, spoke on the development at a TownHall Q&A session which held at the Indian Institute of Technology situated in Delhi of India.

On the issue of Candy Crush invites, Mark has said that

“I sent a message to the person who runs the team in charge of our developer platform, and I said that by the time I do this Townhall Q&A, it would be good if we had a solution to this problem. She emailed me later that night, and said there are some tools — that are kind of outdated — that allow people to send invitations to people who’ve never used a game, and don’t play games on Facebook. We hadn’t prioritized shutting that down, we just had other priorities. But if this is the top thing that people care about, we’ll prioritize that and do it. So we’re doing it!”

He raised the hope of many with this answer but is yet to disclose when the feature would be ready. We’re hoping in the nearest future though.

Source : Venture Beat

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