Sunday, September 27

Facebook expects video to take over its social network in the next two years

Facebook, which is the biggest social network site in the world, expects its service to be entirely based on video in the next year or two.

The company’s product lead, Ted Zagat made this known during a panel at Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit. Facebook’s goal is to topple its main rival, YouTube after launching its own player. “A year or two from now, we think Facebook will be mostly video,” Zagat claimed. He also added that virtual reality is the next frontier after video takes off.

Facebook’s effort seems to be yielding desired results as it announced last April that it was already getting more than 4 billion video views every day. Not wanting to be left out, advertisers and creators have started leveraging on the platform to generate more leads and create more awareness for their business.

Facebook expects video to take over its social network in the next two years Technology: General

Perhaps, this informs the company’s optimism about how the site is set to evolve in the next two years into a video platform.

To underline its commitment to making its dream a reality, the company released a stand-alone video streaming app called Mentions to reports last week.

So if you have been depending on Facebook as your main traffic source, you might want to start looking more into creating videos before you are pushed to the edge by your rivals.

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