Wednesday, September 23

Facebook is trying to rival Youtube with new “Videos Feed” feature

A long while back was when Facebook acquired Instagram, the social media platform where pictures are posted. Afterall, pictures are said to speak a thousand words. Then, Facebook acquired Whatsapp, meaning it had a foot (a strong one at that) in the world of over the top (OTT) applications. As if that was not enough, a few days after announcing its application upgrade and compatibility with the watchOS, it started to test a shopping application.

Over the past few days, Facebook has really been introducing some plans and launching some innovations that is catapulting the brand into further limelight. Facebook has a dream to own nearly everything that we do on the internet, and it is not relenting in this effort.

Well, Facebook is here again, and they are about to give Youtube and all other video streaming bodies a run for their money. Gone are the days when you’d be checking post feeds and you’ll just randomly come across a video shared to your timeline, page or group. Now, with this Videos Feed being tested by Facebook, you’ll be able to browse through and see only videos shared by people to your timeline, page and groups alike.

Facebook is trying to rival Youtube with new "Videos Feed" feature Technology: General

This Video Feed being tested would allow you watch videos, get other suggestions and as well, see other people’s comments on the videos. That’s not all though as you get the chance to save the video to watch for later.

Facebook hopes to gain revenue and more views through this innovation as there would be advertisements possible on the feed. This would also be a new way to get music videos and movie trailers out.

Via : i4u

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