Wednesday, September 30

Facebook Mentions now let journalists track what is being said about their articles

Facebook has updated its Mentions app to now include capability to let journalists keep track of what is being said about their articles. The update also allows you to know what is being said about articles you have posted even if your name has not been mentioned. However, this can only be accomplished when you implement an author tag on your website that connects your Facebook profile or page.

The Facebook Mentions app is only available to verified profiles, celebrities and journalists. This is the social media’s way of let highly engaged and followed individuals better communicate with their fans. This also indicates that the app is not designed for all users. The app is a very useful one considering that it helps you to find out what people are saying about your article.

I find this very useful, especially as it gives me the opportunity to track my article—enabling me to improve and analyze what people have to say about my writing.

In case you are a publisher, and would like to try this out, Facebook says an additional line of code in the header section of your website would be needed. This will associate the author [you] with his [your] Facebook profile or page so the system will know when his [your] byline appears on the social network.

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