Saturday, October 31

Facebook pacts with Eutelsat to beam free Internet to Africa

Facebook is constantly and daily thinking up ways to make us remember them, not only in the light of being the multinational company that brought us a platform to keep in touch with people but also in other regards.

Facebook has teamed up with Eutelsat to provide Internet access to places in Africa that are ‘under-served’ with internet, including remote areas in South Africa.

Facebook pacts with Eutelsat to beam free Internet to Africa Technology: General

“Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and we believe that satellites will play an important role in addressing the significant barriers that exist in connecting the people of Africa,” Chris Daniels, vice president of Facebook-owned said.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Eutelsat on this project and investigating new ways to use satellites to connect people in the most remote areas of the world more efficiently.”

Although the details of the agreement is still sketchy as at press time, Eutelsat had already issued a statement to the press concerning the cause. In the statement, it was confirmed that they would be teaming up with the management of Facebook to provide “…Internet services designed to relieve pent-up demand for connectivity from the many users in Africa beyond range of fixed and mobile terrestrial networks”.

The statement also stated that the best way to connect people in areas of low and medium population is by the use of satellites. The deal to be agreed by FB and the French Satellite giant would also be a huge boost to Facebook which is in the works to launch its initiative across all of Africa.

Eutelsat has used this medium to announce a start-up of its in London, aimed to steering its African broadband. The business is aimed at serving premium consumer and professional segments.

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