Wednesday, January 20

Facebook tests new “Local Market” feature on its app.

I think we all remember a time when it was reported (and on this website likewise) that Facebook is on the verge of giving online marketplaces a run for their money with the testing of a market and ad placement feature? Well, Facebook is in the news for all the right reasons again as they hope to test another of these features.

Before you leap for joy, it might be a good time to remember that Facebook has an uncanny attitude of testing a lot of applications, features and upgrades that they just end up dumping without offering explanations (that they obviously do not owe us) to anyone. Let’s continue.

The marketplace feature has not been reported as widespread but a select users of the Facebook Application, especially the iPhone users, have reportedly seen the icon pop up in the slot where the message icon was supposed to be. Screenshots of this has been taken also so as to back up the claim. This is a test and Facebook could pull it down anytime.

Facebook tests new "Local Market" feature on its app. Technology: General

The feature which has been called “Local Market” shows a marketplace that is split into screens. The Facebook app can make use of your GPS data to give you the local city market (I.e market in your vicinity), and a collection catalogue of what is offered theirin. There’s also a buy and sell option there, according to what the eye-witnesses have reported.

Would you like such an app?

Source : TechCrunch

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