Thursday, April 15

Facebook’s Q3 report: Whatsapp reaches 900 million subscribers

Earlier on this website, we reported to you that Facebook posted its earnings for the third quarter and it was pretty impressive, seeing the global giant climb up to 1.5billion monthly users and an average user count of 1 billion subscribers. This figures have successfully made Facebook the most visited online platform by far and has also ensured that Facebook posts an impressive revenue increase of 45%. As if that is not enough, the report has also shown that Whatsapp has not been left behind in the success story too.

Facebook's Q3 report: Whatsapp reaches 900 million subscribers Business Internet News Technology: General

Acquired by Facebook a little while ago by Facebook for about $16 billion, Whatsapp now boats a total active 900 million subscribers, just a few tens of thousands short of reaching its own 1 billion count likewise. This has made the Whatsapp platform achieve a status of being the second largest social network we have now.

“We’re focused on innovating and investing for the long term to serve our community and connect the entire world,” Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the Facebook platform, has said.

Another important aspect mentioned by the report pointed fingers to the possibility of Facebook extending its search capabilities more than the website only. This is because there is now a stunning record of about 1.5 billion daily searches and indexed posts reach a figure of 2 trillion.

Any social media that wants to rival Facebook, at this pace, would surely need to do so much more.

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