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Facts To Consider When Buying A Website

Facts To Consider When Buying A Website Technology: General
As a result of the broad nature of the internet, many online marketers are constantly seeking new ways of making good money online. Today, we shall be discussing one of the various ways of making money on the internet which is buying and selling of already established website.

So you visited sites like and now your head is about
bursting because of that “awesome” website you saw on their sales page or perhaps
someone has offered to sell you his/her site. Well it is not a wrong saying
that “buying and selling of websites” has the capability of earning you some
few millions. In fact if you ask me, website trading is among the easiest
ways of making money on the internet since all you do  is buy sites
cheap, grow the sites a bit then sell them.

However, just as any other business, your may lose your money if you fail to play your cards well.

Things to Consider When Buying that Website

Before biding for a website, here are some basic things to look out for.

The Potentials of the Website; Here you are
to estimate what will become of this website in the near future. This estimate
should guide you when bargaining the cost of the site.

The traffic Factor: Since the major reason for building
a website is
to get people to read the content therein, traffic remains the life-blood of
every website. When buying a website, the current traffic that site gets per
day should be your focus. NOTE that I’m not saying you should ignore sites
with low traffic but just know that a poor traffic will mean low bargain.

You should also examine how many fans/followers the site has on Facebook or Twitter.
It will also be nice to know how many email subscribers the site has.

Your technical know how: Some websites require
you to have some technical skills so as to be able to manage them effectively
but when this is missing, visitors to that site may notice it and you are sure
to lose some traffic.
You technical skill may not be an issue though if you have the money to hire
other experts.

I won’t buy a personal site: Some sites are too personal and thus not fit
for buying. Some People who visit such sites do so because of the love they
have for the owner of the site so you may lose traffic. while this may not
be a big deal, the major problem arises when the domain of the site has the
name of the original owner on it. You will certainly run into trouble with
search engines if you try to change the domain name.

Any scratch on the site? This is where you need
to know why the owner of the site wants to sell it. If for example the site
was banned from Google adsense before, you will certainly run into trouble
if you place your Adsense units on same website. Oh yes! Your account will
be disabled too.

We hope these tips will be your guide when buying your next website.
Good Luck!

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