Sunday, January 17

Fastacash partners Xpress Money to lend XOPO money transfer

Fastacash has linked up with XpressMoney in a bid to redefine the way in which we conduct money transfers in Africa. Fastacash, an online platform that is known widely for its services in the provision of social payments platform to users and XpressMoney, which is an international body that provides money transfer services, partnering up could only mean that something very big would happen in the financial industry.

These two financial institutions have linked up to create the platform which they have named XOPO. Apparently, XOPO is a first of its kind innovation and it allows users to send themselves money via their social media platforms, starting from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and to the WeChat. Sadly, there’s no support for the Blackberry Messenger yet but we should keep our hopes up.

Fastacash partners Xpress Money to lend XOPO money transfer Technology: General

In a debut rollout bid, XOPO was introduced to the United kingdom where it is possible to send money to any country at all, including Nigeria. It should be noted that the UK is the fourth largest international send money market in the world.

“The two companies have come together to leverage our strengths and expertise to deliver this disruptive service into the market,” Mr. Vince Tallent, Chairman and CEO of Fastacash said in a press statement. “Our vision is to make the act of money transfer as simple and immersive as possible,” he added.

Speaking further, he also said that “With the launch of XOPO, we are making it possible to share money through
social and messaging channels, where people live and breathe. Fastacash is leading this charge – bringing transaction capability to exactly where and how people communicate with their family and friends.”

The XOPO is planned for launch to many other countries and coming to Nigeria would see a competition with InterSwitch’s Quickteller Services.

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