Sunday, September 20

Fastnet launches in South Africa, brings FastNet LoraWAN service

Telkom SA SOC limited has a subsidiary department / institution that was named FastNet and this department of Telkom SA has now been launched in South Africa. South Africa hosted its very own first IoT conference in the My World Of Tomorrow tech conference that held not quite long ago and this announcement of launch was made then.

With the launch of the programme in South Africa, FastNet would be allowing users use its M2M programme and have access to some other privileged opportunities as soon as they register and get approval. To register, FastNet is encouraging interested participants to go to its official website where they would be led to their registration through the simple interface. The access to the M2M access network is not for everyone that registers but those developers that pass the screening, and this access network would be available for use in their (the developers’) applications.

Fastnet launches in South Africa, brings FastNet LoraWAN service Technology: General

The network, which has been named ‘FastNet LoraWAN’, is quick spreading and about 40% of South Africa can boast the presence of the network in their locale.

Applications that feature on LoraWAN worldwide include but is not limited to Smart Water Metering, Distribution Leak Detection, Energy Load Balancing and as well, Irrigation.


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