Thursday, January 21

Finalists for the Barclays Africa Supply Chain Competition emmerge

The South African branch of Barclays – a global firm that offers financial and banking services – which has been named the Barclays Africa, hosted a competition not so long ago and now, they are out with the finalists of their competition. The competition which was tagged the Supply Chain Challenge was introduced in a bid to encourage ideas that would work towards the facilitation of banking and financial services in the continent. The competition also seems to make supply chain (==» the total process involved in the movement of good and services from their manufacturers to the final consumers) more easy and transparent.

The finalists that has been announced by Barclays Africa as well as the ideas presented are

• Farm Input Authentication from Kenya which focuses on the tracking and verification of transactions in the Kenyan agricultural sector.

• Catch Counterfeits which has been launched at a solution to protect pharmacists and pharmacies from counterfeit drugs

• Eni Freshmart from Nigeria which is an online shopping mall.

• Solutech Limited from Kenya which looks to merchandise, distribute and sell mobile applications.

• Markit Opportunity which from Kenya likewise which aims to connect buyers and sellers via the e-commerce platform

Kenya is duly represented as the nation’s representatives managed to clinch four of five positions. These finalists would then pitch one last time inn front of a panel of judges with the winner standing a chance to win $10,000 and 6 months of professional mentorship under Barclays.

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