Sunday, September 20

Finally: NITEL rolls out 4G LTE connectivity in Nigeria

At long last!: The body that controls mobile telecommunications in Nigeria, the Nigerian Telecommunications, popularly known as and referred to as NITEL, has unveiled its plans to launch 4G broadband over the LTE networks. This roll out will take effect as from the 15th of October, this year. (Side Note : LTE means Long Term Evolution).

The 4G LTE service has been planned to be floated under the name NTEL and it would only be available to a select few parts of the nation before consequently spreading with time. The areas of first contact would be Lagos, Abuja and PortHarcourt areas. With subscribers already signing up to be included in the service, NITEL are still in test mode for their product to ensure maximum compatibility and optimum output before commercial release.

Finally: NITEL rolls out 4G LTE connectivity in Nigeria Technology: General

With this move, NITEL wishes to trouble some seemingly calm waters in the area of network providence. In a market that already sees the likes of MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and the likes battling daily for top spot, it is too early to conclude how NITEL would fare while playing in this commercial ocean with the big fishes of the business.

It should be noted that NITEL, alongside its subsidiary (M-NET), was sold out to another company by the name of NATCOM earlier this year in a deal that is valued to be $252 million.

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