Monday, April 19 – phone finder domain – goes up for $5 million sale

As much as we try to be careful in our everyday life and dealings, we still manage to lose something despite all the several mental efforts we put up at security. This is the reason why the company, Find My Phone, started up business in the first place and set up shop online at If you were looking for your phone and after the download of third party apps and trying to call from a various other devices, this would serve as a solution to your plight. However, if you got your phone lost now, we’re sorry that Find My Phone might not be able to help you. - phone finder domain - goes up for $5 million sale Mobile Technology: General

This is because the domain has been announced to go up for sale to anyone who wishes to buy it and a price tag of about $5 million has been slapped on the domain already. With reasonable negotiations, there’s the possibility that the domain would end up not getting sold at this price but the amount would be in the neighborhood of this $5 million.

If this domain sells at this price, this would make it the most expensive technology-related domain ever, especially with the most expensive domains being those based on money or sex and sexuality (which could well cost about $10 million).

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