Sunday, September 20

First Kaymu Village officially launches in Yaba, Lagos

Kaymu, the online retailing platform, announced not long ago that it was soon to step out into the physical world with the launch of its Kaymu Villages which were meant to cater for those that didn’t feel safe in completing their transactions online. Well, true to their words, Kaymu has now officially launched the first Kaymu village and it is situated in Yaba of Lagos.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kaymu, Sefik Bagdadioglu was at the launch ceremony and he was the one who presided over the event. Speaking at the launch, Bagdadioglu said, “The pace of innovation within the e-commerce space is incredible, yet the way we buy has remained the same for years. With the Kaymu Village, we want to offer people a place within our local community where they can play, experiment and learn about all of what e-commerce marketplaces has to offer.”

First Kaymu Village officially launches in Yaba, Lagos Technology: General

The Kaymu Village features a centre which has been dubbed the “Free Wi-Fi Zone” from where customers, buyers and everyone alike can access the Kaymu website and all of its services for free. Also, the Kaymu village would serve as a drop-off point for goods that are to be initially delivered within the areas of Surulere and Yaba in Lagos.

Kaymu wishes to use its physical presence to also reach more customers and evaluate ways to serve them better which can then be inculcated into its online platform.

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