Monday, November 30

Fix: How to solve common Google Play Store errors

Today I’m sharing with you a very important and most wanted solution of various errors that occur on most Android Devices in Google Play Store.

I imagine that many of you might also be facing these problems when you try to download or install apps on Google Play. Just continue reading as we solve various errors in Google Play associated with Android Devices.

 List Of Google Play Store Errors And Their Solutions:

1. Google Play Error 491: This error says can’t download or error while updating an application.

Solution: Remove the current Google Account you are trying to download with then reboot and add it again. If the Problem does not solve, clear data of Google Services and Play Store.

2. Google Play Error 498: It says Download can’t be completed or Interrupted.

Solution: Uninstall some apps and clear cache.

3. Google Play Error 413: Can’t download any application or update it.

Solution: Clear the data of Google Services and play store. Also force to stop them and then again try to download the application. If you had set proxies, just remove them and clear browser’s cache.

4. Google Play Error 403: Download fails and the request is forbidden due to two google accounts running in the same device.

Solution: Clear Proxy,Remove and again add APN (Access Point Networks),Clear the search History.If problems persists remove the current Google account then add new Google account and try to download the application from play store again.

5. Google Play Error 492: The required application can be downloaded but fails to install.

Solution: Firstly go to setting and then Apps and force stop the google services and Google Play Store and then clear data.If Problems doesn’t solves Clear the Dalvik cache by going to Phone’s Custom Recovery Mode.

6. Google Play Error 919: The required application gets downloaded but it can’t be opened.

Solution: Clear some space on your device by uninstalling unnecessary applications, images , audio, video, or large files etc.

7. The download can’t be completed due to upgrade of play store.

Solution: Wait till the Google Play Store gets updated.Then try again to download the application.


It’s not that the Google Play Store is plagued with errors, but sometimes bug find their way to cause problems while you are trying to get content from the store. Here I had covered the most popular ones with their solutions.

Try these solutions but then, if you have a different problem, let us know by commenting below so that we can solve it as soon as possible.


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