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How to fix iOS 8.4 common issues

Apple has released iOS 8.4. Just like every new stuff out there, the mobile platform will take us some time to fully digest and to live along smoothly with.

So, during the course of our usage, we’ve identified some of the common issues that you might be facing with the OS and here’s a fix for some of them:


Some users have complained that installation of the iOS 8.4 firmware gets stuck along the way. To sort this out, hold down the power key and home button for 10 seconds. After this the device will restart and you can carry on with your installation.

Battery issues

Factors like background apps steal battery juice mindlessly. Kill all open apps that you are not using. Also make sure you do not leave Apple Music open all the time as this requires streaming and streaming requires data which effectively drowns your battery.

Wi-Fi issues

You may be experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues after upgrading to iOS 8.4. To fix this instantly, go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings. You can also “forget” all the network connections on the list to settle this issue.

App problems

Although this is not common if you get your smartphone or iPad updated to iOS 8.4, some users have complained of crashing apps and some apps failing to open. Kindly remove and reinstall the affected app from Apple App Store if you are facing this problem.


Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Data issues

First of all restart you device. If the error persists, flip you data on and off by accessing Cellular > Cellular Data > Toggle Off/On. You can choose to put your iPhone in Airplane Mode for some minutes, bring it back on and see if the error is still there.

If you still face the issue, navigate to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE > Off and back On again.


Apple’s iOS has been loved over the past past decade for its zero tolerance to lagging. However, if your device lags after the iOS 8.4 update, try a few things like reducing animations and effect, resetting settings and or, restoring back to factory settings (this will wipe out all your data).


If your iMessages client is misbehaving after the update, reboot your device. You can as well toggle the messenger off and on by navigating to Settings > Messages > iMessage off/on. When the problem is still hanging, head over to Settings > General >Reset > Reset Network Settings.


If none of these works for you, you have to downgrade to iOS 8.3 in the meantime.


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