Wednesday, September 23

Fix it yourself: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 issues

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 dropped, with its awesome specifications and mouth-watering features, it was just simply too much to let go for a lot of people sporting an elegant design and an all-round A-list make from Samsung, the Note 5 looked the ideal device, coming with its own traditional Stylus pen too.

Now, we do know that no matter how cool a device is, they always come with their own issues. Over time and customer complaints, the most common issues with the Note 5 as well as their potential solutions would be discussed here today.

1. Random Reboots / Shutdown / Device Hanging

Some people have reported all the above occurrences which has seen their device either reboot itself, completely shutdown or just hang /freeze when performing even simple operations such as swiping through screens.

The first thing to do in this case is to do a reboot (for an hang) using the dedicated keys. You can then progress to wiping cache partition if this occurred after you installed an update. It might also be the work of an app gone rogue on your device. Try removing the last few you installed and re-install them one after the other to spot the culprit.

2. Wireless Charging

The wireless charging that comes with the Note 5 is one of the very best promises that it came with, but its starting to become an headache for some as they claim that the device stops charging after a while.

This seems to occur when the screen times out. Although an update is in the works to fix this, you can change the timeout of your screen when charging. Also, using third-party chargers have been known to cause this too, so replacing the charger might be a good option. Wiping cache partition / temporary restart have also been known to fix this, and don’t forget to check if your back-cover is compatible for this type of charging too.

3. Connectivity

And once again, we’re back to that one problem that looms over android devices from time to time. In the case you get connectivity issues from your Wi-Fi or bluetooth, turn off your device / router for a minimum of 10 seconds. Also, you can do well to make sure your router firmware is up to date, as well as the systems and applications software.

These are the three that pop up nearly everywhere. Got more issues? Use the comments section and we’ll get back to you.


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