Monday, June 1

How To Fix ‘Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped Working’ error message

One of the greatest specs smartphone users look for in phones nowadays is the camera capabilities. However, with this comes the integration with other hardware components of the smartphone.

Several persons, Android Users most especially have however encountered error messages regarding their camera with the most annoying being the “Unfortunately, camera has stopped working” error message.

However, should you be facing this same problem on your smartphone irrespective of the brand, be it Tecno, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi or any other, here are some of the methods to fix the error message.

In this post, we will be taking three possible solutions which includes:

Method 1:

Restart Your Phone:

It is essential to note that this comes as the first method to employ in combating the problem because it allows your device reset itself and probably fix the source of the error code. However, if the problem persists,

Method 2:

Clear Camera Cache Files:

This can be done by simply proceeding to the Settings tab on your phone.

From Settings, proceed to Apps and tap on Application manager, locate the camera app and proceed to the options provided where you can clear the cache files of the app. After this step, proceed to restart your phone.

Should this method prove abortive or unresponsive,

Method 3:

Delete Cache and Data Files for Gallery App

Following in line with the previous method, proceed to the Settings menu > Apps > Application Manager > Gallery > Clear cache files and data.

Hope this worked for you.

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