Wednesday, September 23

For $10/month, you can say goodbye to annoying YouTube ads while enjoying your videos

YouTube is all shades of cool and allows you to stream all the videos and music that you love and/ or subscribed to online, but this comes at a price which sees you get constant pop-ups from ads and all, which might contribute to marring your experience of what is supposed to be “seamless” streaming.

Google has risen up to the challenge though and having announced sometime earlier that it would be introducing the Youtube Red service which would see you stream unlimitedly without ads for a premium, the time if finally here as Google’s Youtube Red is now perfectly set up to fulfill its aim and achieve its purpose.

There’s a 30-day free trial period for interested customers to get a hang of what they would be getting into then after that, the premium of $9.99 applies per month during which you’ll be able to perform all your YouTube activities without ever worrying about an ad.

For those that are already on a premium plan for the Google Play Music All Access / Youtube Music Key, Google would automatically upgrade you to this service and charge no additional cost for the monthly running of your account.

It was noted that Apple users should be careful not to purchase this Youtube Red plan with their in-app purchase functions as this would require an extra $3 charge for Google to cover Apple’s 30% in-app subscription fees.

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