Tuesday, October 20

How To Force 3G Or 4G Mode On Your Smartphone

Dealing with poor network connection especially on 2G mode can be very frustrating and in case you’ve been wondering if it is possible to force a 3G or 4G mode only on your phone for faster internet connection, the answer is YES.

To get this mode kicking though, there are a number of steps, some simple, others complex. To avoid the chances of damaging your smartphone in the process of forcing networks, we will only attend to the simple steps which you can use to force 3G or 4G mode on your device.

However, should you force any of these modes and find out that your smartphone isn’t receiving cell reception, do not fret, this only means that either the 3G or 4G network you switched to is not available in your location.

Method 1:

Try any of these two codes on your smartphone and watch the wonder happen

  1. *#*#4636#*#*
  2. *#*#2846579#*#*

Once you have keyed in any of this USSD codes, you will be presented with options to help your smartphone adapt to the 3G or 4G mode. Choose the desired network you want and click okay.

However, it is not applicable to all smartphones so in case this fails to work. Proceed to Method 2.

Method 2:

In case both USSD codes above fail to work for your phone, download the application below as it helps you identify the correct code for your smartphone in order to force the 3G or 4G network at will.

Click the download link below for the app:


Upon installation of the application, follow the screen prompt and you are good to go.

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