Sunday, September 20

Founder Institute opens in Nairobi, Kenya

The Silicon Valley is often referred to as the home of modern technology, and that’s where the Founder Institute is located and headquartered. The Founder Institute is known for its drive to ensure that various entrepreneurs around the world receive the help needed to launch their companies, which is rated according to meaning, endurance and relevance. This, they achieve through a 3 and a half month training programme.

Having already had branches in African countries such as Egypt and Nigeria, Founder Institute is looking to extend its tentacles into the African soil by launching up in Nairobi of Kenya. The body is set to launch up this October and is already asking for the help of key players in the technological industry to help actualise its dreams of offering needed support to start-ups.

The four-month long training programme aims to see their potential founders trained by seeing, learn by doing, launch their companies through training programmes, business-building assignments that have practical applicability and receive feedback from experts.

On its official website, the body has said “Starting a company is an arduous and lonely journey, and technology entrepreneurship is a constantly evolving discipline. The Founder Institute’s vision is to ‘Globalize Silicon Valley’ and help entrepreneurs across the globe launch meaningful and enduring technology companies”

The Founder Institute does not need participants to provide an idea before joining as it has its own method of selecting candidates. This is done through a Predictive Admissions Test which helps them pick the best talents.

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