Thursday, January 21

FreedomPop to partner Intel in launching first smartphone in 2016

FreedomPop, the wireless service provider which churns out its service to the general public at affordable prices has announced that they would be making their very own smartphone. The smartphone, which is due for launch next year (2016) would be designed to specifically work on FreedomPop’s network and would be made successful through a partnership with Intel.

The device to be built by FreedomPop, which has no name attached to it yet, would be made to work very well with various Wi-Fi networks and perform most of the simple operations of a device such as texting and calling via Wi-Fi. This brings to mind a similar by Google which it calls the Project Fi.

Reportedly, the device would be run by the SoFIA Atom x3 processors from Intel which are not as expensive as the top processors that we see on the market these days. Engadget has reported that whenever this device connects to mobile network (instead of Wi-Fi), it would be operating on a free service platform.

Although we do not have news on the manufacturing details, release date or even, what manufacturer FreedomPop has in mind to help in the designing of its device, we do know that it launches next year and would come in a mid-range price of around $200, running on the Android platform as well.

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