Wednesday, September 30

French telecom giant Orange launches a mobile crowdfunding platform in Cote D’Ivoire

Orange Telecom in partnership with HelloAsso, a France-based crowdfunding organization for charity organization, has announced the launch of Orange Collecte, which is a mobile crowdfunding platform in Côte d’Ivoire on Friday.

When fully launched, Orange Collecte will allow users to initiate fundraising campaigns; but will only be accessible to Orange Money customers alone. This means customers who wish to initiate the crowdfunding process will be required to dial #144*8# on a mobile device or via

The service is available to charity organizations, but on condition that they have an Orange Money account dedicated to the organization (the charity organization). All proceeds will then be transferred to the user’s Orange Money account.

“With this platform, private individuals and charities can finance their personal (weddings, birthdays, etc.) and charitable projects (fundraising, events, projects, etc.) by making an appeal through their mobile network,” the company announced.

The Orange Collecte is open to Orange Money customers in Cote D’Ivoire; a former French colony.

Orange is one of the leading telecom companies globally, and continues to spread its quality services to customers, including those in Africa. The company is currently a major sponsor of the African Cup of Nations that is held every two years in the continent.

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