Wednesday, August 5

From Sustaina to Africa, helping to deal with climate change

Given the daily challenges posed to everyone around the world by the climatic changes that is slowly setting in motion but making causing great effects, it is only natural that the world prepares for whatever might happen, especially to favor those whose businesses and occupational practices depends on whatever the climate dictates. Examples of such are the farmers, and the recent Sustaina Award for 2015 has among its finalists ideas that look to managing the climate changes which might be very useful in Africa, and Kenya.

One of these ideas that can prepare us for the climate change is a system that supports lightning systems for the dark corners of Africa, and you would be able to pay your bills from the comfort of wherever you are via mobile phones. Instead of using systems that would emit dangerous gas to the already unstable ecosystem, these use an off-grid system connected to a battery to give off this power.

US-based SunCulture has also come up with the idea of a solar-powered irrigation system which is useful in areas like Kenya where they witness low rainfall and therefore high costs of production due to the amount that would be pumped into using of fuels to power irrigation pumps. This irrigation system promises to deliver water to the roots of the plants, giving for better sprout too.

The Sustaina is a body that is interested in ideas that we can use to battle the negative effects that climate changes can have on us, and helping to prepare and sustain our planet.

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