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Frozen screen on iOS 9? Here’s how to fix it yourself

There are some moments when you want to do something important on your iPhone and then you discover that the screen has just frozen. Other times, all you want to do is show a friend of yours that latest video, music or picture you pulled from somewhere and the frozen screen leaves both of you staring at each other awkwardly. Asides the fact that it can be frustrating, it can also be embarrassing at some point or the other.

Frozen screen on iOS 9? Here's how to fix it yourself Technology: General

To those that have recently upgraded their iPhone device software to the iOS 9, this freeze might result from the fact that since your phone was not made specifically to run the software, it is experiencing some technical issues. This is no reason to go downgrade your OS however as there is a way to work around your frozen screens.

A series of processes would be provided below that should help you get rid of frozen screens anytime and at anyday.

1. Close Running App
Sometimes, the fact that your iPhone’s screen froze is due to nothing else but the app that you were in when it froze. It might be that this app has not fully been integrated into the iOS 9 software package and is therefore giving it runtime errors.

Double-tap your home button and swipe out the app, closing it. Try accessing your homescreen from there and you should be fine.

In the case the above doesn’t work,

2. Restart Phone
It is no new knowledge that most of the software glitches or bugs a mobile might experience can be fixed (either temporarily or permanently, depending on the nature of the problem) by performing an hard reset or conventionally, restarting the phone.

When the phone is in frozen screen mode, hold down your Sleep/Wake button and home button at the same time. Rightly done, this should make the phone go off after a few seconds and a full restart is done. You can be rest assured that you won’t find your frozen screen there when the phone wakes up again.

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