Thursday, January 21

How to fuse your fingerprint sensor and home button for Samsung devices

Various smartphone brand have had their defining characteristics over the years and in a bid to maintain some uniqueness, even if these characteristics are now looking bulky, they have to stick with their designs. For example, we are all familiar with that hollow button on the iPhone that has failed to leave even with the increase in touch technology. To our very own Android scene, Samsung also has an elliptical home button that doesn’t even want to go anywhere yet.

Now, with the advent of fingerprint sensor technology, many mobile phone manufacturers have sought beautiful ways in which to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the phone’s hardware. Some use their home button, some the Android software buttons and others, programme the capacitive home button to double as the fingerprint sensory (which is so in the case of OnePlus’ new device, the OnePlus 2)

To make your fingerprint scanner work with the type of technology OnePlus has employed, what you need do is not change your phone and jump ships as there’s an app that would let you do that now. easyHome is the app you need to install and this would transform your capacitive home button and fingerprint sensor, merging them into one.

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