Wednesday, June 3

Genuine users face real trouble after 10.7 million SIM cards deactivated in Nigeria

Thousands of people have thronged the customer centers of various telecom companies in Nigeria as all the Nigerian telecos have deactivated around 10.7 million SIM cards in the country.
The step was taken following a directive from the Nigerian Communications Commission that to deactivate within seven days all pre registered SIM cards which do not have proper biometric. Many customers have been found to be quite angry over the development as they complained that their SIM has been deactivated in spite of having proper biometric and has done the registration in a proper way.
NCC authorities said that they have taken this decision following a meeting with the Department of state security and National security advisor. Telecom companies were also present in the meeting. They expressed their concern on various crimes that are being carried out in the country using unregistered SIM cards and it is becoming difficult for the police authorities to crack down on them.
In Nigeria, biometric registration of customers started in 2011 and in September 2014, NCC authorities declared that around 45% of the SIM’s are not properly registered as per their guidelines. The deactivation process is going to have a huge impact on the Nigerian connectivity.

Credits: Techcabal

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