Sunday, September 20

Germany warns South Africa to shelve nuclear power plans

Germany is one of the indisputable world powers we have on our planet earth right now having set records in the sands of time concerning various reasons. Known for their wars, economical stability, technological improvement and advancement and as well, their impact in the automobile industry, the Germans deserve to have a say in a lot of world matters.

Germany has recently halted plans in the race to active a considerable amount of nuclear power in the world due to the opportunities that other forms of renewable energy provide. The European country is currently in the market for partners and investors that would work with the resources in their capacity to bring change and reforms to the sector.

Germany warns South Africa to shelve nuclear power plans Technology: General
Walter Lindner, German ambassador to South Africa.

Speaking at the South Africa’s International Renewable Energy Conference on Monday, the ambassador of Germany to South Africa addressed the gathering on this issue of nuclear energy by asking South Africa to stay clear of it.

With the South African minister for energy in attendance, the ambassador went on to say that after the historical Fukushima nuclear accident, “Germany decided to fundamentally change its energy supply”.

He also continued further to state that “We (Germany) have the know-how for nuclear supply and a lot of companies who work in this sector, yet, we decided to give it up for several reasons”

The Minister for Energy, Tina Joemat-Peterrson holds the concept of renewable energy in high esteem and also has her eyes set on the Nuclear Build Programme to supply about 9600MW of nuclear power by 2030. The ball is then in her court as to what response to give to the suggestion of the Germans.

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