Sunday, September 20

Get up to 80 percent discount on Konga’s ‘Mega Monday Madness’ sales

Konga is one of the best online retailing service that operates in Nigeria. They have been around for a while, providing major competition to the likes of Jumia and likewise, the newly introduced Kulimart in Nigeria. Konga has established itself true to itself and its customers, battling scams and making sure there is 100% transparency. As part of its measures to reward its numerous customers and also, thank them for their patronage, Konga has launched a new promotion that is set to hold tomorrow.

Get up to 80 percent discount on Konga's 'Mega Monday Madness' sales Technology: General

The promotion, tagged the Konga Mega Monday Madness, would see users buy things on the platform with an awesome price reduction attached to each ware to be offered on sale. The Mega Monday Madness, as it is, which would last for four hours, would see shoppers enjoy 80% of discount on the goods that they will be buying. The promotion would start at 10am in the morning and end 2 in the afternoon.

The products that these deals will be enjoyed on over the four hours include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, fashion items and accessories for both men and women, etc.

Accessing the website, an online form has been compiled which after filling, would enable you get updates as to when the programme starts. A further 5% discount is offered to customers that use the Konga Pay service, one of the many payment structures operated on the platform.

Putting the Blackberry Q10 and PS4 on sale, the offer is poised to be a promising one. For more info, visit the official website following this link.

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