Sunday, September 20

NCA rates MTN as the best mobile network provider in Ghana

MTN (short for Mobile Telecommunications Network), is a South African based organisation that was established with the aim of providing quality services to the populace, the African society being the first and foremost in its plans. Asides enjoying a big followership in African countries and boasting the largest number of active subscribers in places such as Nigeria and South Africa, MTN has yet achieved another milestone by just recently being rated as the most reliable data service provider in Ghana.

The survey, which was carried out by National Communications Authority in the Upper East and Upper West regions of the country showed that MTN conveniently edged out all other network providers when it came to the reliability of data service provided. It was reported that in the Wa zone, it was only MTN that reached the milestone output that was set. Others simply failed to pull such feats.

The National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana is saddled with the task of constantly carrying out tests to determine the Quality of Service (QoS) supplied by these network providers. This is to ensure that they in no way fall below the minimum requirements that they must satisfy to continue to be recognised as network providers within the country and consequently ensure a good network atmosphere for its citizens.

MTN Ghana also made a strong statement in its statistics and is shown to have set its foot down deep into the Ghanaian mobile subscriber’s market. Boasting 15 million out of a possible 32 million subscribers, which is just a little less than 50 percent, the network body who are yet to fail any QoS test since January of 2014 looks set to take over the market, and are going nowhere no time soon.

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