Sunday, September 20

Ghanaian telecomms giant Tigo rated high in new NCA report

Tigo Ghana has, in recent weeks, introduced new measures towards guaranteeing the improvement of their website and services offered. These innovations were driven from the fact that Tigo had the mind to better the lives of Ghanaians and also, improve its own credibility amongst like service-providers in the world. The recent innovations have started to bear fruits though as Tigo ranked high in a new Quality of Service test that was carried out, results just confirmed.

The test, conducted by the National Communications Authority saw Tigo Ghana pass all the tests that it was subjected to and captured in its first ever Quality of Service Monitoring For Cellular Mobile Data Report for July, this year.

The test, which took a lot of factors such as coverage strength, signal strength and voice quality into consideration tested other service providers such as MTN, Vodafone, Airtel and Glo likewise.

According to the report, Tigo Ghana passed the call setup time obligation. It also passed the signaling congestion thresholds of less than one percent (1%) in all locations that are around the Upper East and West regions. The Call Drop Rate was also in compliance with the established parameters as it benchmarked a value of less than 3% in all of the areas where it was tested. A grade “GOOD” was also awarded the network in terms of Call Audio Quality.

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