Sunday, October 25

Ghollywood actor, John Dumelo, to release action game, ‘AYA’!

If the rest of the world can do it, Africa can surely do it better. Remember when American celebs took it as the in-thing to launch applications about themselves? Well, we now have an African representing us on that front too.

Taking the route that had already been plied by big names in the entertainment industry such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj et al, John Dumelo is now here with his own piece of self-centred application. The game launch by the Ghanaian actor is expected to build on the fame he has already garnered to help the spread and use of the app which would inadvertently lead to newer sources of income and a wider fan base, not forgetting climbing up some notches on the popularity ladder.

The game has a typical Nollywood movie set-up, story line and plot. Centering around the concept of Love, capture of these loved ones and re-capturing them from the evil villain responsible for their abductions, “Aya”, as the game is called, would thus find appeal among Nollywood faithfuls, getting to ‘direct’ their ‘actor’.

Side note: Award winning Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo recently launched his clothing line ‘J.melo’ in Ghana.

The game which is expected to be released on both iOS and Android platforms is expected to launch in April of 2016, with the actor already releasing teaser videos to promote his cause. The game locations would be Accra (in Ghana), Nigeria, and a host of other African locations.

Via: Mobility Arena

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