Glo Mobile Browsing Subscription Codes

A lot of people have been asking me the codes for buying internet browsing bundles with Glo. In this article I will show you the codes you for internet subscription on your Glo mobile phone.
Simply choose the browsing package/bundle/subscription you want, make sure you have the required amount of credit before dailing the respective subscription code or number.

Glo Mobile Browsing Subscription Codes Simple Tutorials Technology: General

Glo Mobile Phone Browsing Subscription Codes

Bundle Quantity(MB) Period Of Validity Price Subscription Code
InstaSurf/Daily 10MB 24 hours 100naira *127*51# or Text “51” to 127
Oneweek/Weekly 50MB 7 days 500naira *127*52# or Text “52” to 127
Always Micro/Monthly 200MB 30 days 1000naira *127*53# or Text “53” to 127
Always Macro/Monthly 1000MB 30 days 3000naira *127*54# or Text “54” to 127

Internet Settings/Configuration For Glo

Browsing with Glo on your phone requires a little settings on your phone called access point.
To browse on your phone using Glo, setup a new access point using the options below:
Access Point Name: glo
Access Point: gloflat
Username: web
Password: web

To automatically get Glo internet settings on your phone, text All+Phone+Model to 127. Example, text AllNokiaN80 ‐ if your phone is a Nokia N80.
That’s all the settings you need, now activate this new access point, buy a bundle and you are good to go.
If there’s no GPRS or Egde or 3G on your phone, text “Activate” to 127 to activate your Glo line for browsing.

How To Check Your Data Balance

To check expiry and how much data left on your Glo internet subscription text “INFO” to 127.

How To Cancel Your Bundle/Subscription

Text “Cancel” to 127 and your current subscription is canceled. Remember, there are no refunds when you cancel your subscription.

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