Wednesday, November 25

Glo Nigeria Internet Configuration Settings (APN, IP/Port, Username/Password)

Glo is an indigenous brand in Nigeria and one of the top players in the Nigerian GSM market as well. They offer varieties of Internet browsing subscriptions as well as pay-as-you go packages.

This article will teach you how to push automatic settings to your Glo mobile phone and how to manually configure these settings to work on you tablet, smartphone, dumbphone (hey :D), or computer. Enjoy.

Automatically Configuring Your Device on Glo
There are many ways to configure your phone to browse on Glo.

1. Send PHONENAME to 927.

That is, if your phone is a C1 made by Nokia, text Nokia C1 to 927.

2. Text ACTIVATE to 444.

Text the word “ACTIVATE” in an SMS to 444 using your Glo SIM.

3. Text ALL to 1234.

When you recieve the push settings, kindly save and activate them for use. Note that auto configuration is not supported on all mobile phones and non mobile phones (eg. USB modem).

Manually Configuring Your Device on Glo
In the case the above auto settings do not work, fasten your belt and roll your sleeves; You are going to get it working by yourself.

Profile/ Access Point Name Glo Secure
APN/ Access Point glodirect
Username/Login secure
Password secure
IP/Proxy (blank)
Port (blank)

You need to navigate to the Internet settings menu of your phone / modem, create a new profile, fill it up with the above info, save, activate and you can “glo with pride”.


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