Saturday, September 26

Google announces project to offer free Wi-Fi in 400 Indian railway stations

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, was braced with a great gift from the Indian born Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. This present from Pichai that was presented to Modi during his visit to the Google’s headquarters in the state of California is meant to be of significant benefit for the millions of the Indian rail commuters.

To be precise, Google has introduced a new project that is aimed at providing high-speed Wi-Fi for the public in 400 train stations across India. Come to the end of 2016, 100 of the busiest train stations ought to have gone online.

Considering the number of potential benefactors and users of the public Wi-Fi, Pichai in a blog post suggested that the project will be the largest public Wi-Fi project in India and among the largest worldwide.

The service is free to start and also has long-term goals of self-sustainability so as to allow for its expansion to other places and more stations.

The role of Google’s Access and Energy team is not quite defined in this venture. However, it is known that Google will be working hand in hand with RailTel Corporation and Indian Railways.

RailTel claims to have laid a total of more than 42,000km of the optical fibre along the Indian Railway routes, as at now, RailTel has a total of 400 cities on its 2.5Gbps network.

According to Pichai, although India has a one of the largest number of Internet users, approximately 1 billion people lack access to the internet. This is because of the cost of internet connection and lack of support for the local language. Because of this, the Indian Language Internet Alliance was formed with the aim of fostering more local Indian content.

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