Monday, September 21

Google is hiring Project Manager(s) in Sub-Saharan Africa

Google, the multinational company that runs the Google Web search service and provides a host of other services (such as reeling out of versions of Android OS) and was recently “acquired” by Alphabet, announced that it has a vacant position and would love to get applications rolling in.

For the post of a Developer Relations Ecosystem Programme Manager, Google is looking for someone that is based in Lagos or would be willing to relocate to Lagos on getting the job as it is a full-time venture.

The applicant must have good managerial skills to his own credit and also, must be capable of supervising work projects and multi-disciplinary projects. The manager works hard to get information on projects, the prospects of such, the risks involved and communicates them to stakeholders In the project. The job goes beyond the scope of just one office as the manager would be required to have good human relations and management skill to powerfully co-ordinate team players that are not present in the physical.

The major programmes to be supervised and undergone by this Manager would be those as pertaining to Sub-Saharan Africa. As an addition, the manager would be required to keep an healthy relationship with regional developers in the East and Central African area and start-up communities, incubators, accelerators and technology hubs.

If you feel you have what it takes to successfully undertake this position with Google and hold this job, visit the source link for more details.

Source : Google

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