Wednesday, January 20

Google launches spoken alerts update to iOS Google Maps users

Google has created a lot of helpful applications for us over their own privately run and operated Android platform and also, for the iOS platforms likewise and they are not just about to leave us with those apps without updates. Earlier, Google released an update to the Google Maps application for iOS users which integrates spoken alerts for the running of the application.

Although this update seems to be a seemingly small one, it is a very resourceful upgrade that would further increase the use of the application. The spoken alerts means that as you are driving now, Google Maps would use the awesome satellite technology it has implemented over the years to bring you updates on happening that are on your route.

Google launches spoken alerts update to iOS Google Maps users News Technology: General

The spoken alert would alert you on accidents on the way, possible traffic congestion and also, police action concerning the route you’re taking.

This feature sounds familiar to some that are conversant with the way Waze, one of Google’s 2013 acquisitions (for about $1.1 billion) would offer. This would mean that Google has finally started to fully implement the standout features of Waze for its applications.

With the Android version of Google apps (such as this Google Maps) sees more update than the iOS versions, Android users already have the voice navigation and alerts.

Having the newer Google Maps for iOS handy would surely save you a lot of hassle in everyday commuting.

Source : TechCrunch

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