Wednesday, January 20

Google Photos now lets you hide people

Have you ever had a picture on your smartphone that you didn’t want around (maybe for the time being) but don’t want to delete likewise? Have you ever lost a loved one whose picture you have but don’t want to remember this occurrence in a long time? Well, whatever the case may be that you need to hide your photos, Google understands you and more. The new Google Photos by Google (obviously) is just for you.

This feature, which was announced in a new update, now let’s you hide someone from showing up under your “People” label or even being seen under “Rediscover this day” cards. As opposed to only hiding those people that just make you tick, the Google Photos feature would also allow you hide pictures that you took in public places where most of the faces are grossly unfamiliar ones.

The advantage that this feature has over deleting pictures is that it you can easily un-hide these people whenever you feel you want to and they would show up again.

As with other features that Google introduces, we don’t get the entire package at once but it gets rolled out in batches. An APK is expected to be developed soon for the easy usage of this feature.

Source : Google+

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