Saturday, May 30

Google Search Engine Tricks You Will Love

Google Search Engine Tricks You Will Love Simple Tutorials Technology: General
Google are trickstars, nay, prankstars when it comes to fun and amusement. When it comes to having fun with Google Search, you don’t wanna be left out. The ‘Let it snow’ search trick is one Google Search amusement trick to try out. Type and search for for ‘let it snow’ on Google and watch snow fall and your computer screen become web and filled up with snow.
That was fun huh?
Now let’s try some more Google Search tricks.


Askew means: Not in a straight or level position. That’s exactly what happens to your computer screen when you search “Askew” on Google.

Chuck Norris

Try searching for Chuck Norris on Google and meet a pleasant suprise.

Google Gravity

Search for “Google Gravity”. Watch and see what happens to those fancy Google layout when there is gravity.

Google Mentaplex

Go into the world of wonders as you stare into the Mentaplex.
Play the game at


Wondering what Pacman is doing on Google? That because Pacman’s now on a new level. You cam play the Pacman game on Google at
Update: Most of these tricks work only on Google web search, not available on searches from mobile devices.

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