Sunday, September 20

Google takes ‘Project Link’ to Ghana

Google, the United States’-based multinational company, is seeking to expand its base abroad again by bringing one of its most innovative plans to Africa.

Project Link was introduced by Google into Ghana with the aim of providing the general population with Internet access, guaranteeing more speed and reliability than any the people might have encountered before.

Google takes 'Project Link' to Ghana Technology: General

Project Link, which happens to be a Google initiative originally launched to solve the problems of Internet connectivity in places where it is absent and provide adequate infrastructure for faster access in places where Internet is available but with slow speed, offers to then improve the internet lifestyle of Ghanaians as time goes on.

The plan is already set in motion given that there have been approved proposals to build more than 1200km of fibre across Kumasi, Tema and the country’s capital, Accra to connect local ISPs and MNOs to the metro-area fibre, increasing their speed and enhancing carrying capacity. This initiative would help Ghana to meet the bandwidth usage requirements of its schools, malls, offices and as well, the basic phone users.

First launched in Kampala of Uganda, the success recorded by the Project Link in that location means good prospects for Ghana too. With the project fully set to kick off next year, Google is leaving nothing to chances as adequate preparations are in place already.

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