Sunday, September 20

Google teams up with ASUS to bring “Wave Control” OnHub Wi-Fi router

Google wishes to help you achieve all your Wi-Fi connectivity dreams and they would stop at nothing to make sure you’re able to use much more Wi-Fi broadband and at faster rates than you’ve encountered before. This then formed the basis of the team up between Google and ASUS to build a Wi-Fi router that might just be what you want and cater for your needs.

Google teams up with ASUS to bring "Wave Control" OnHub Wi-Fi router Technology: General

Announced in August and released Wednesday this week, the OnHub router has been said by Google itself to give you Wi-Fi that was not only fast and secure but relatively easy to use and without the hassle you would have encountered otherwise. How thoughtful.

This particular technological child birthed of Google and ASUS costs around $219.99 which is $20 more than the original OnHub Wi-Fi router that was built by Google.

Before you conclude however that the price on this piece of hardware is not for you and that Google is just trying to shave some extra cash off you, it might just be worthwhile to consider that Google has a new feature coming with this one. Called the “Wave Control”, you are able to speed up your Wi-Fi connection for a specific device just by waving your hands over it.

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