Wednesday, September 23

Google to invest in Kenya’s Wind Power Farm project for clean energy

Google, in its aim to improve the rate at which renewable energy which is also safer to our environments is used nationwide has pledged its support, both financially and otherwise, to the wind farm in Kenya. The wind farm, called Lake Turkana Wind Power Farm Project, is situated in the Northern Kenya region and deals with the transformation of wind energy to all other useful and usable. Sources of energy, one being electricity.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Farm Project hopes to transform the state of electrical power in Kenya with its production of about 310 Megawatts of clean energy to a lot of homes in Kenya. This has also done its own bit to reduce the use of generators and their fuels, keeping the environment clean and free from pollution.

Google to invest in Kenya's Wind Power Farm project for clean energy Technology: General
A diagram explains how wind energy is produced. Credits:

The project has seen a lot of investors that have done a lot to take the project to where it is today. One of such investors is Vesta who has a 12.5% stake in the overall project and is responsible for provision of some of the tools used in the running of this Wind Farm.

In Google’s bid to support the advent of renewable energy in the continent, the multinational company is looking to buy all of Vesta’s 12.5% stake in the business once the Wind Farm attains completion. This would mean the second Wind Farm that Google would be investing in across the continent.

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