Friday, September 25

Google updates Chrome browser (version 46 ) for systems

Personal computer users, get in here! There’s good news.

Google recently announced the update of its flagship browser app over all the major platforms on which it exists.

The Google Chrome browser has been around for quite some time and it has established itself as a brand favorite with a lot of customers, even coming as the default browser set for most computer systems these days. Therefore, in a bid to give its users a better consumer experience and better their feel of the web, Google has launched an update to its Google Chrome application.

This updates, which takes the Google Chrome to a version 46 (totally explained as (46.0.2490.71)) is for systems only and not for smartphones so smartphone users can hope for theirs to come later. The update would take effect on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

On the improvements that has come with the update, the company has reported that “Starting with version 46, Chrome will mark the ‘HTTPS with Minor Errors’ state using the same neutral page icon as HTTP pages”

This update also simplifies a lot of things and fixes bugs too, and as well, the security options got improved too.

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