Google Updates Pagerank Today — How To Check Yours

Today, 2nd August 2012, Google has updated their much awaited SEO alogrithm called Google Pagerank.
This typically means that many websites and webpages could notice changes in the amount of traffic coming from Google searches.
A pagerank is a type of score assigned to each single web page on the internet, that is used to calculate it’s usefulness on the internet.

Google Updates Pagerank Today — How To Check Yours News Simple Tutorials Technology: General

How To Check Your Pagerank

1. Enter your page’s URL in the box below. Eg.
2. Click on Check PageRank.

Google PageRank Checking Tool


More On Pagerank

A Pagerank of a website or page is determined by Google based on some certain factors. Factors like backlinks and frequent updates are the main points affecting the Pagerank of a page.
A Pagerank is scored out of a possible number of ten. The highest Pagerank scores on this update were and

Main Factors That Will Affect Your Pagerank

Backlinks: Permanent links to your page
Updates: Frequency of updates to the page
Loading Speed: The amount of time it takes to for a browser to load your pages.

After checking, kindly tell us your website’s new Pagerank in the comment box below

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