Wednesday, January 20

Google Wallet gets updated, supports multiple bank accounts now

The Google Wallet got split with the innovative Android Pay platform launched by Google to Android smartphones and with this split has seen good things start coming to the Google Wallet platform too which has started to see some updates. Like we are aware, an update is sure to bring new and exciting features, offer improved performance and as well, fix some bugs and any other problems that would have been complained of.

The newest update to the Google Wallet now makes sure that you can use the application across various bank accounts. If you had been on the platform before, you would have noticed that it is possible to add more than once credit or debit card detail to the platform but these has to have been issued by the same bank. This makes it uneasy to host multiple accounts on the Wallet but now, that has changed as you can now host multiple cards from different banks.

The Google Waller also hopes to give you improved security now as the platform features a new “Lock Now” button which on tapping, would revert you back to the screen where your PIN is asked. This would certainly make sure that fraudulent activities are not carried out on your account while you’re not in the know.

Via: Android Authority

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