Sunday, February 28

Google’s AI lab launches in Ghana

Google's AI lab launches in Ghana News Technology: General  Google Ghana AI

For the first time in Africa, Alphabet, the parent company of search engine giant Google has opened an artificial intelligence lab in Accra, the capital of West African country Ghana.

Last year, Google/Alphabet first disclosed its plans to create an AI hub in Ghana, one of the few African countries with uninterrupted electricity. The Silicon Valley, California-based tech outfit says that it plans to utilize the center in solving some of Africa’s problems with AI.

Via a press statement last week, the company said that it is excited to “combine our research interests in AI and machine learning and our experience in Africa to push the boundaries of AI while solving challenges in areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and education.”

Google’s other AI labs are located in Japan, France, Switzerland and USA (New York).

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