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Google’s Self Driving Cars Will Soon Hit the Roads Commercially

The Google Self-Driving car also known as SDC, is a self-propelled car, a project by Google X with the main aim of building and developing technology for autonomous cars most especially electric cars. These cars are being powered by a software called Google Chauffeur. Each of these cars can be identified by the lettering on the side stating emphatically that they are self-driven.Sebastian Thrun, a Google engineer and former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is the one leading the project. The popularly known robotic vehicle Stanley which won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and a grand prize of $2 million from the United States Department of Defence was created by Thrun and his team members at Stanford.

Google's Self Driving Cars Will Soon Hit the Roads Commercially Technology: General

There is no doubt about the fact that Google is getting more engulfed and serious in her quest of the driverless vehicle program. A prototype was made to move from the company’s campus to surrounding major roads in 2015. The idea was all wrapped around the necessity to get people moved from one place to another without any human driver. Visual impairment, aging and the inability to drive will no longer be a limiting factor as these cars will perfectly move from one place to another without the involvement of a driver.

Google's Self Driving Cars Will Soon Hit the Roads Commercially Technology: General

Statistics have showed that over 1.2 million car accidents are been recorded every year worldwide, and this can be reduced to the very minimum level through this wonderful initiative since human errors accounted for most of the accidents. This will be made possible by the presence of sensors in these self-driven cars. These sensors are specially designed to detect obstacles as far as the length of two football fields away in every directions. All the information needed by the car to safely navigate the road without any hitch are been processed by the software in the car.

However, the goal is to make it easier for everyone to get around one day all at a push of a button. Ever since the invention of the car, continuous improvement are been made. The results have turned out amazing. More also it was said that so many things that may look confusing to humans can be easily detected and analyzed by computers. According to Google X, several situations have been encountered and as such all necessary measures needed have been put in place to counter them now and in the future. For instance, these cars are specially made to recognize objects such as traffic light, pedestrians and even different gestures that may come its way. Google X also said, these vehicles have navigated almost 700,000 autonomous miles and that we can be rest assured that things will all turn out for the best.

Of course, one would argue the possibility of this great invention, but here it is and before anyone knows it we will all have a world where cars moves freely without anybody necessarily driving them. Imagine the possibility of sending your car on an errand. The world is getting more conducive for living with technology in place.

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